Other Costumes

Another Quora member asked to see my other costumes. I’ll just stick up those photos and will add more in depth info on them in the future.

1400’s German peasant. I need to work on that corset. I have to fix the straps and the gap in the middle of my chest. All hand sewn.

This was my second costume and I need to redo so many things on it. Alas.

At least I got the head covering correct.

Yes, that is a Loch Ness Monster living on my wrist. I saw Nessie at the faire and had to have her!
Yes, it is I, Mrs. Captain Morgan.

I cheated on the pirate costume…I had to have it ready kinda quick. I found the coat in a garage sale and altered it to the way I wanted (cut the collar and sleeve cuffs). Then I added the trim and buttons. This was all done by hand.

I hand sewed the vest and the jabot (lace at the throat) from scratch. The white shirt (that you can barely see) is just a button up white dress shirt but I added the lace on the cuffs and collar. Eventually I want to hand sew a period correct shirt. I’ll get to it!

The hat was an easy sew up from thick dark felt, trim along the edge (with milliners wire), add a pin to the side and done.

No, I didn’t drink the entire keg!

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