Another Costume – Viking!

I don’t have a picture of me wearing this costume…yet. I’ve worn it twice now. Just last Halloween, at work nonetheless, and to an SCA event two summers ago (no, I’m not a member of the SCA but I’d been to one other prior SCA event and their amazing costumes inspired me to make one of my own.)

2016-05-26 11.11.40
Here is the under-dress. Found the sheet at a thrift shop and turned that into this. The trim is actually from a cafe curtain I also found at the thrift store. I made the under-dress the way I did, not “quite” viking, so I could use it for a Merovingian, as well as an Anglo-Saxon, costume. I figure it’s less work that way. And, my arthritic hands liked it better that way too.


Here’s the apron-dress. Oops, I really should have steamed it before taking pictures but didn’t get around to it before hand. Yeah, as out-of-focus as it is I should really do that and then take another picture. Anyway, this was an oval tablecloth I found at the same thrift store. It was the dickens trying to make a rectangularish tube out of an oval cloth. (Try saying “rectangularish”, it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily.)

2016-05-03 11.59.48
I know, I know, the embroidery isn’t the best. I am planning on filling in the area between the top and bottom borders, and adding some Viking motifs. I just haven’t figured out what I want yet. I’ll get to it!

Some closeup of my, ahem, embroidery skills. They didn’t use embroidery hoops or frames back then so what you see was done the exact same way. Another reason why I need to steam the garment, to loosen up some of the stiches and unwrinkle the fabric (is “unwrinkle” a word…?)

Here’s the apron.

2016-06-11 06.49.16
I had the white muslin leftover from a prior costume. I did purchase the trim. This was a super quick hand sew…as opposed to the embroidery…which wasn’t super quick. Whoops, I just realized the apron was hung upside-down in all these pictures.

I learned card-weaving for this costume. Here’s my sampler belt. I plan on making more intricate designs (but I haven’t gotten to it yet). I used this as my actual belt since I didn’t have any other one to use. Guess I’m a slacker.

2016-06-05 13.01.26
Card-weaving is an inexpensive way to make belts and straps. You can make the cards and frame from things laying around the house. I purchased a set of cards because they were thicker than the playing cards I’d punched holes into. My son “carpentered up” a wooden frame for me to use. I’m guessing he was tired of tripping on the yarn I had all over the place while I was experimenting with card-weaving.

And last, but not everything, is the jewelry I made from a softer gauge wire.

2016-06-05 23.15.27
I’ve worn the rings but don’t know what to do with the triskelions I made. Maybe I’ll put them into the Viking motif embroidery…if I can ever figure out what I want. Le sigh

I don’t yet have pictures of the necklace I made, the not-really-tortoiseshell brooches (*koff koff* they’re very large clip-on earrings because tortoiseshell brooches are really expensive so I’m hunting for an affordable set) or the hand-turned sewing set and personal hygiene gear I also wear…I’ll make you wonder what that last thing is. LOL

I promise, I’ll get to taking more pictures.


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