Influenster came through again

@Influenster sent me my next box of items, free to try, and it had a TON of stuff in it. 3 different brands of Kauai coffee samples with biodegradable k-cups, @SnackWellsBrand French Vanilla Latte flavored Biscuit Thins, ShaeMoisture shampoo and conditioner, and 3 different flavors of protein powders from The Vitamin Shoppe.

My favorite protein powder was the Cookies ‘n Cream as it had a nice light flavor with a hint of coconut. The Strawberries and Cream one wasn’t so hot because you could really tell it was fake strawberry. The last one is not my cup of tea at all so I won’t even go there.

The SnackWell Biscuit Thins were awesome though. They really taste like a good French latte! I need to get me some more of those.

The other ones I haven’t tried yet but I will get to them soon. Thanks Influenster!

Update 11/4/2017: Influenster seems to have changed the way they do things. I now get emails for discounts on products instead of actual sample boxes. It’s sad really because the way they did things was fun and exciting. Not anymore. Now it just seems like spam email.


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